I've Got a Thinking Problem

My name is Davis MacLeod Haines. I was born and raised in Alabama, I live in Chicago, I am in a band called whysowhite (whysowhite.com) and I believe in Love. This is my mind.

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May 1

You, I Believe

Belief, in its purest form, is Energy.

It is the Energy that Dreams use to manifest.

It is the Energy that separates what exists, and

What doesn’t.

It is a gift we are all capable of giving.

We give it to the Sun, to the Earth, to the things

We see, eat, touch, and hear, for we know those things

Are t(here),

But when we give it to each other,

We make Dreamers out of screamers,

Lovers out of leavers,

And we give Hope to the Ones left behind.

Belief is Love is God