I've Got a Thinking Problem

My name is Davis MacLeod Haines. I was born and raised in Alabama, I live in Chicago, I am in a band called whysowhite (whysowhite.com) and I believe in Love. This is my mind.

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Dec 21

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thrown together on the apocalypse in the interest of entertaining you before it all ends, may I please introduce to you:

Milk & Cookies by the The Haines Sisters

Bringing you lo-fi quality entertainment since ‘07!



Nov 22

O, Grateful Spirits of the Earth,

After sitting on the footage for a year, questioning ourselves and our creation,

Fearing that it may frighten and confuse anyone who stumbled across it,

May I present to you,

Completely unprovoked and unexpected,

The previously unreleased and unseen

Haines Sisters’ Holiday Special 2011!

Oct 31

Jul 17