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My name is Davis MacLeod Haines. I was born and raised in Alabama, I live in Chicago, I am in a band called whysowhite (whysowhite.com) and I believe in Love. This is my mind.

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Jun 17

Love Thy Father

Love thy Father as thyself

For where would I be without he?

His wisdom rich, his clarity

astounding me.

So, too, his positivity

Each day a new leaf, a new chance

Each night a new dance

Spinning in new directions

As he opens himself to change

Never compromising his heart

of wide range.

Yes, he is strange, but enthused

He’ll tell you a joke to keep you amused

Taking you in, he listens with eyes

Content with himself, no longer he tries

He found God in the flies

He’ll sing you a song if you’re lucky to hear it

No fear, just the tune and your ear

And a smile

Love thy Father as thyself

For his gifts he has given you,


For my Father.