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My name is Davis MacLeod Haines. I was born and raised in Alabama, I live in Chicago, I am in a band called whysowhite (whysowhite.com) and I believe in Love. This is my mind.

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Feb 10


Lovers and Colors,

after almost two and a half years of exploring, evolving, playing, praying, creating, trying, Loving and dying,

whysowhite has released our debut album

you can grab a download for whatever you got at


Sweet Dreams and thank You



Dec 21

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thrown together on the apocalypse in the interest of entertaining you before it all ends, may I please introduce to you:

Milk & Cookies by the The Haines Sisters

Bringing you lo-fi quality entertainment since ‘07!



Dec 6

Art Saves Lives


Alec Harvey of the Birmingham News wrote an (Art)icle about me.

Check it out!



Nov 22

O, Grateful Spirits of the Earth,

After sitting on the footage for a year, questioning ourselves and our creation,

Fearing that it may frighten and confuse anyone who stumbled across it,

May I present to you,

Completely unprovoked and unexpected,

The previously unreleased and unseen

Haines Sisters’ Holiday Special 2011!

Nov 11

Kickin’ It Off

My band whysowhite released a second single that is now on iTuNeS.



Jul 13

The Approach

In the wake of the anniversary of my accident, some Light:

My band released our first single.

Check it out Here:


Chicago. Funk. Love.

May 22
Forever Art

Forever Art

May 21

This is whysowhite at Lincoln Hall.

We are headlining at Martyr’s this Saturday.

Get Busy with a stranger.

Feb 21

whysowhite + SXSW + RJD2 = Now

My band whysowhite is headed to SXSW March 11th to play a gig or two (more info to come, keep ‘em peeled)

And then we are opening for RJD2 in Chicago on April 18th at Lincoln Hall.

If you want it,

Give it.

Jan 25

Wake Up With Me

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I will officially be one week from the first of my last two major surgeries. This surgery, however, is much larger than the second. I am finally going to have my colostomy reversed.

Part of the aftermath of the accident was that I was going to live with a temporary colostomy (Wikipedia link for those interested). I had some organ damage in addition to the pelvic and femur fractures, but my family kept it to themselves out of respect for me.

Well, I am happy to tell y’all that I went to the trauma clinic today and my surgery is in fact next Thursday! Groundhog’s Day! I am so pumped!

I’ll be in the hospital for a few days afterwards until I am released to recover for about a month at home (and it better be a month, ‘cause I’m going to SXSW even if I show up like this). Once I heal/once I’m back from SXSW, they can do the less severe pelvic plate removal. Once I’m healed a week or so from that, I’m headed to Chicago for some unfinished business….

Now here’s where you come in.

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